Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cool Aussie band

Ok as the uninitiated may not yet know, I kind of like the comic strip Questionable Content, and for once this post is not actually about the comic itself...

Just wanted to point out that the writer made a reference to a cool little Aussie 'band' Architecture in Helsinki (not their actual website, just a review of their stuff)..

From Questionable Content
So lately I have been listening to this band called Architecture in Helsinki, specifically their album Fingers Crossed. They sound like a chest of children's toys got dumped onto a bunch of indie rock dudes and ladies, who proceeded to compose the most adorable music they could possibly think of. It is all dings and clicks and cutesy pop, and addictive like sugary cereal.

Well I think it's cool! 'cept that I realised I haven't actually got that cd here :-( I even went out and bought it back in Aus!!! Dang it! But anyways, cool funky music, listen to it sometime!


Thursday, March 17, 2005


Well it looks like the infamous London winter is over (it's like getting warm-ish out there!)... Everyone here seems excited and is thinking of doing outdoor activities and sitting in the beer gardens because this weekend it might make it to 19 degrees! ;-) Ah, gotta love that English ... hmmm... resilience?

But I do have to admit it is nice, today was the first day that I haven't worm my overcoat on the way into work, even brought in my sunglasses 'to encourage the sun' ;-)

Well Blogger introduced a new feature of 'popup' comments, the idea being that you just press the comments link on a post, and it'll show a new window with any and all comments... Funky idea, just a pity that they ucked up.. For starters it doesn't show the count of the comments anymore, and will only show that comment window when you choose to post a comment. So as soon as I've finished this post, I'm changing it back (luckily the original is still an option!)

Anzac Day
Well just like Fish & Lyds, myself and Matt have gone and booked in for the Gallipoli tour with Istanbul Life, hopefully it'll be a decent time (also trying to do a day or so free to wander round Istanbul!) :-D

Easter: Liverpool
Well as some know, and some don't I'm heading up to Liverpool for Easter weekend... Had an invite that was just too good to refuse ;-) So should be some fun! As it's close to Manchester/Southport, I think that I'll also try for a drop in with some of the relo's.. Might be an idea to give them a bit of a warning though...

And that's all I'm going to say for the moment, was writing a long-ish piece on my thoughts about passion and life's adventures last night, 'cept I kept on getting distracted... So that'll just have to wait until another day..

Lotsa hugs for everyone and keep grinning!

Friday, March 11, 2005

The powers of gaffa tape, amongst other things

I was just recently catching up on my favourite webcomic Questionable Content and there was a an episode that had me chuckling away, got to love the power of gaffa tape, just look at an earlier post I made on a possible use of gaffa tape. :-)

Random thought
Oh and I've decided on two randomish type things I want to do at some stage:

  • Go into a bar, order an expensive scotch drink (or something really cheap and nasty) and say "Leave the bottle"
  • Jump into a cab (preferably in New York) and shout "Follow that car!"

Life news
Well it's been a really fun couple of weeks recently, I've seen 2 soccer games (just can't seem to bring myself to call them football!), with Liverpool playing in both... The first Liverpool lost to Chelsea then the next they won against a German team who I can't remember the name of Actually I think that Liverpool is becoming my team ;-) I do have to say that it is very entertaining watching some of the fans get so worked up... It is full of tension. ;-)

Another random thought
I need to find a pub/venue somewhere nearish by that shows some AFL games, I do have a craving to watch a really good North Melbourne game. The walkabout would probably show it...

Back to news
Other than seeing a few soccer games, I've been having fun going out and enjoying the London nightlife (as per usual), and just this last Monday went and saw a very funny set of standups at The Comedy Store who were preparing to head to the Montreal Just for Laughs festival.. For the aussies here, that's on par (and in some ways bigger) than the Melbourne Comedy Festival. :-D Very very funny! Shall definitely have to go back there and check out some more stuff!

Reduced Shakespeare Theatre
Which reminds me, not that long ago went along to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company performing The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) in 97 minutes... It had me almost rolling on the floor, found it absolutely hilarious, though as always seems to happen. I thought the people around me were finding it as funny as I did (well they were laughing as well!), except when I get out of the theatre and asked what they thought and the response was something along the lines of "I couldn't stop laughing at you laughing!" ;-)

Ah well, there's worse ways to be seen than as someone who enjoys a laugh eh? ;-)

Ok, now it's getting late here, and I'm tired and could do with some sleep, so I'm off to the hay! Take care of yourselves, drop me a line occasionally (and I might eventually even respond!)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ghost Dog and general thoughts

I woke up this morning, well ok, this afternoon (it'd been a fun night out with Jamie, Matt & Birte).. And doing the usual thing turned on my pc to check my email, and suddenly it popped into my head about how I wanted to see this Forest Whitaker movie again (Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (2000): Forest Whitaker, John Tormey, Cliff Gorman, Isaach De Bankol - PopMatters Film Review). There was something about the movie which really stuck a cord within me, not sure exactly why, but just those moments of so peacefully moving through the streets and accepting all that is around him (though I don't work as a contract killer for the mafia) ;-)

Either way, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, me I'm going to see if I can find it next time I wander into a video store.. Would really like to see it again.

How am I?
Well onto other points, I'm suffering a bit from a flu at the moment :-( got the whole blocked nose and lots of phlegm (ARGH!!), but I'm taking some meds for it, so it should hopefully be sorted very very soon.. But the rest of my life is doing really well! :-D I met a girl last week who I quite fancy, who I am actively chasing... As to what is going to happen? Who knows? But I'm happy. :-)

But in the meantime I'm enjoying life here in London and gradually making a home and place for myself!

Ok, enough of a slightly esoterical post from me, it is time for me to go and do something with this day (it was actually blue skies earlier today, but now it's all clouded over).. Keep having fun, smiling and for those who want it, have a big hug from me! ;-)