Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good quote and latest news

'You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.'


Andrea's wedding
Well it's been several weeks since this fantastic event, so a belated congrats!!! :-D Well not too belated considering I was there on the day to witness and be part of their special day... Thank you for asking me to do a reading for you. :-) As soon as I get off my preverbial and upload some photo's you'll even get to see what dress Andrea was wearing, and just how much Mark snogged her (it was lots!)

Grandma's b'day
Well even though it wasn't actually her birthday, we celebrated with a big family day on this Sunday just past... Was interesting to meet up with relatives that I'd heard of... And even more interesting to meet one's that I didn't know that I had, followed with entertaining discussions about how everyone was related, including some interesting family 'stories'...

Namely that we might be related to a fairly famous American who's grandfather (I think) was once a Welsh minister... That is before he disappeared (with all the church gold) one winter... Of course this is all conjecture and can't be proved in any shape or form. Still it was fun to gossip! :-)


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Freaky shoe

Through gadgetopia I found this:
  • adidas_1 The world's first intelligent shoe

It's actually got a processor in it that will adjust the cushioning on the heel based upon weight, speed, etc... doing so every 4 steps aparently....

It's got a cool little video as well..

Monday, September 19, 2005

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

There I was happily catching up on the blogs that I read, when I came across this amusing chicken comic.

Apparently September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so Avast ye scurvy dogs and let the pirate within out... Arrr!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Funny stuff

A friend has recently joined the blogging world (It that IT then?), and posted up an amusing first post... :-)

So welcome Ryan, I look forward to some entertaining posts (I still think you've got sitcom writer potential)... And for all my regular readers, highly recommend bookmarking his site... Or if you're technically savvy, the rss feed will be:


Congrats to England!

I've just been informed that England has won the ashes, well done, from what I've heard you've played brilliantly and it's been a very exciting series... So congratulations you deserve that win!

For all the brits out there that actually know me, may I offer my apologies... As I'm sorry but gloating over that victory isn't going to be as fun as you are hoping, given that I really don't care about cricket... I've been known to go out an watch grass grow rather than sit through another boring afternoon...

As a nice Welsh bloke I met recently said.. "Cricket's a nice game, but like darts, it's not a real sport"... ;-)

Sorry couldn't resist throwing that one in... Either way congrats on a well deserved victory. Can we talk about something I have an actual interest in now?


PS: In case you haven't guessed, I'm tired of hearing about cricket... It got the stage over here that I could tell when England was losing by the fact I wasn't getting any comments of 'So how do you feel about the cricket... eh?', I've been trying to be a good sport and take their jibes, but I'm just not interested in it and after getting identical comments 20 times a day... To be honest, even though not interested in the game, I do actually think it's fantastic that England have really played well, because this'll mean that a higher level of competition will be occuring around the world. When you have a single team winning year after year, everyone else gets sick of losing, and so you lose your supporters, people stop playing it, and it gets boring. Maybe now with a higher level of competition I'll actually find it interesting, I doubt it, but you never know....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

English Summer

What have I been up to?

After a quick trip to Belgium (for Marks stag do) myself and Matt have been up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and the world famous Tattoo..  Had a very fun time seeing lots of shows, and catching up with Ronnie, Paul & Lydia…  (

Some of the highlights:
  • Tao martial art of the drum (a very cool group out of Japan, go see it if they make it to your neck of the woods!)

  • Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen (a seriously fun, morbid, entertaining, cabaret/gypsy/odd group performing in the Spiegel tent!)

  • Lots and lots of entertaining street performers and comics! (

Back to London

So now I’m back in London, it’s summer, the sun is shining…  And I’m wondering is it a testament to the fabled English summer (or simply me being me..)  but I’ve gone and got myself a mild form of Pneumonia…  Coughing up lots of bright green and yellow goo is not my idea of fun, but hopefully should get it sorted real soon!

Anyways, gotta head off and finish cleaning and moving stuff about in preparation for some guests arriving for Mark & Andrea’s big day…  (I would link to their blog, ‘cept they haven’t posted anything since they first created it 3 or so months ago!  I mean, you’d think they’ve been organising a wedding or moving house or something…)

Keep well everyone, and keep smiling!