Sunday, August 15, 2004


The Weather
Well when I got off the train in Vancouver (after a most enjoyable ride with Jamie from the tour), I found the weather overcast, and in fact quite wet... It reminded me of home.. ;-)

So for my first day in Vancouver all I did was find a decent supermarket and get supplies for the next few days and sit back and admire the rain pouring down... But that was ok. I felt like having a chance to just sit back and relax after the hikes through the rockies..

Jericho Beach to Downtown
Now if your staying out in Jericho Beach you'll know that to get to downtown there's really only one option (a 40min bus ride), that is unless your like me... Who decided just to wander along the beach enjoying the sand, surf and sun (which was now actually out!), so much of a wander that I made my way around the bay (all 13+ kms of it) climbing over rocks and generally enjoying myself and up into China town... Was good fun actually (and I slept well that night!)

And while in downtown I got to see some wonderful things:

  • Ming Garden Really nice place that I can't actually remember the name of, gorgeous though! Small but really interesting...
  • Worlds thinest office Not really that interesting, but funny story as the guy who built it did so because the council kept on taking back the land from him, so he built an office on what was left, 1.8 metres wide 2 or 3 stories high...
  • Stanley Park Nice place, I think it's bigger than Central Park (New York), really cool especially with the beaches all around... :-)
  • Final of the Fireworks competition And it was impressive!! I think Sweden was the one who won! Yay for them! ;-)

Next I'm going to try and post up a couple of photo's that I think people will quite like... Hope you enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Hi ya AB, this is AMP. Welcome to the UK...officially...and sounds like you had a ball in the West. We won frisby last night, but really tired now. Keep the tales coming.

Biscuit said...

Well done on winning the frisby! :-D

Yep had a blast on the west coast and still got heaps more to say about that... But keep having other things to get up to! Scotland is very grand indeed!

Hope you're well.