Thursday, June 16, 2005

Geeks & Nerds in relationships

Quite recently I’ve noticed quite a few articles and postings on the web about how geeks & nerds are great to have as partners:

Though I think my favourite one by far has been 'Dating an Apple Developer' which is more of a guide/advice for girlfriends of developers and how to interpret (ie: deal with) our occasional obsessive behaviour…

Advice like:
There is nothing like being the one there when he completes something new.
I can honestly say it’s the greatest feeling in the world to be the one there when Justin gets out of the chair (for the first time in weeks) and is beaming at me (through red, puffy eyes) and dying to show me his newest creation. Somewhere between the annoying profanity and the lack of sleep he created something wonderful.

With some very useful comments by other readers as well, like:
As a side note, I just wanted to mention that this doesn’t give developers free reign to geek out all the time and contribute nothing to the relationship. And S.O.’s should be careful not to get too permissive about their developer’s behavior: It’s one thing to be flexible and understanding, but it’s another if that flexibility and understanding are completely one-sided. Then it’s just bad and unhealthy.

I liked this article so much that I’ve forwarded to Cath, who hasn’t really experienced the ‘full-on intense deadline approaching must get this code out tonight I’ll go to bed when it’s done please can I have another coffee work damn you FIGJAM!’ moments that she’s going to have in store for herself…


PS: In posting this Cath has actually been asking how HTML works and how those pretty blue lines appear under certain words... ;-)


Cath said...

Sadly I have to admit that it does make some sense and is quite interesting...not going to give up the day job though! As for the whole up all night coding thing, seeing as you've put up with me studying and are still speaking to me will probably let you get away with it every now and again xxx

Oh dear, getting quite into this - going to take Andrea's advice and run for the hills!!!

Mark said...

Run....its to late to run


So long as there is plenty of nine inch nails playing coding all night can kinda be fun.

If biscuit hasnt already told you Im studying IT at Uni so sitting up all night coding is studying for me

Hope all is well biscuit...will get in contact with you soon.