Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Congrats to England!

I've just been informed that England has won the ashes, well done, from what I've heard you've played brilliantly and it's been a very exciting series... So congratulations you deserve that win!

For all the brits out there that actually know me, may I offer my apologies... As I'm sorry but gloating over that victory isn't going to be as fun as you are hoping, given that I really don't care about cricket... I've been known to go out an watch grass grow rather than sit through another boring afternoon...

As a nice Welsh bloke I met recently said.. "Cricket's a nice game, but like darts, it's not a real sport"... ;-)

Sorry couldn't resist throwing that one in... Either way congrats on a well deserved victory. Can we talk about something I have an actual interest in now?


PS: In case you haven't guessed, I'm tired of hearing about cricket... It got the stage over here that I could tell when England was losing by the fact I wasn't getting any comments of 'So how do you feel about the cricket... eh?', I've been trying to be a good sport and take their jibes, but I'm just not interested in it and after getting identical comments 20 times a day... To be honest, even though not interested in the game, I do actually think it's fantastic that England have really played well, because this'll mean that a higher level of competition will be occuring around the world. When you have a single team winning year after year, everyone else gets sick of losing, and so you lose your supporters, people stop playing it, and it gets boring. Maybe now with a higher level of competition I'll actually find it interesting, I doubt it, but you never know....

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Cath said...

Well, as you know I don't really have much interest in cricket either. I think the main point is that as a country we like winning - who doesn't?

Like it or not some Australians have been incredibly smug about all things sporting for a very long time so we especially love beating you, just like in the rugby. You have the accent so you are going to get the stick, but only for a week or so until most people forget about it! That said, there are plenty of people out there who have supported English cricket for years (not least my dad) so they deserve to celebrate. I'm afraid whatever you say people will just think you're a bad loser, although I know that's not the case!

Anyway, never worry - the Liverpool game is on TV tonight so we can support the same team. If you didn't like FOOTBALL we could have real problems xxxxx