Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Wrath Of Grapes

Was catching up with friends recently and found out that Old Matt has joined the infamous blogging circle with the fantastically titled 'The Wrath Of Grapes' :-)

I've also got to agree with him on the joys of hard rublish collections, I remember when he used to spend a fair bit of time around my place and on the occasional hard rubbish collection we'd end up with:

  • Couch
  • TV
  • Table*
  • Stereo*
  • Coffee table*

some of those items came in damn useful, of course some of them had to be chucked back out straight away, when they were found to either not work or emenate a strange and pervasive odour! I haven't noticed the hard rubbish tradition over in this country as yet... But I'm sure something similar is around, and I look forward to finding those little gems! :-D


* these items may of been obtained independently of Old's help... can't quite remember who assisted in their gathering

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Cath said...

Can't wait to furnish our house...