Friday, April 14, 2006

Giving up on Nokia

Been a while since I've posted (lots of stuff happening in life & work at the moment), but today's post is partially a rant and a statement that I am no longer a fan of the Nokia mobiles :-(

I've had a Nokia for the last 10 years of my life, I've been exceedingly happy with them, they've been solid reliable and I've been able to leave them on for days/weeks/months on end.. But no longer. My latest Nokia (bought just under a year ago) the Nokia 6230 was initially quite good, until that was (about 3 months into owning it) it stopped ringing, yep you read that right, it would not ring, it would vibrate, but not ring (I could also no longer use the 'loudspeaker').. No worries, still under waranty I took it back to get repaired..

Repair process

Now the repair process is quite easy to understand, they simply do a hard reboot, very similar to reinstalling an OS on a computer, one of the side effects is that I lose all my settings/phone numbers/games/photos/music (couldn't listen to it anyway)/etc... Now this is ok, for a once of repair of a glitch, problem was over the last year (including that first 'uck up) my phone stopped ringing about 17 times (not counting or anything). The fix was always the same, and would last for anything from 2 months to (in one extreme case) 4 hours.

As you can imagine, not happy... With either the quality of the mobile phone or the quality of service, if I'm having such consistent problems I should be given a replacement phone, the next model that actually works would be nice..

As such, I'm no longer a Nokia customer, I am now a proud Sony Ericsson owner... And if anyone asks me what mobile they should use, I shall no longer be recommending Nokia phones (well at least not anything made after 2000). And that is the end of my rant.


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