Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fridge theives

Got this email this morning... An 'interesting' way of dealing with certain freeloaders:

If you are hungry or thirsty there are plenty of shops on Brick Lane & a reliable Tesco round the corner. There’s also a man who arrives calling ‘anyone for sandwiches’ who arrives in about 15 minutes selling food and drink if you find it difficult to leave the office. For those not wishing to spend money or exert themselves, there is water in a machine or taps in the kitchen to drink from - and sugar cubes if you’re hungry.

Unfortunately the food and beverages in the fridge are not for general consumption and I now join the club of those who can no longer afford to support someone else’s thirst or hunger for my hard earned PJ Smoothies. The current rate of 3 missing per week became too much so I decided to personalise the latest batch. Whoever took one today/yesterday may have noticed it had already been opened and had a slightly different taste and constituency. Still, sharing is caring as they say… especially when it comes to juices.



Dan F said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww! Nice though. I dread to think what they could've done with a batch of choc crackles, or even a tub of yoghurt :-)

I think its too late to be coding, I skimmed the original post as "food and beverages fridges are not for general consumption" and got a great mental image of someone chewing the fridge :-)

Biscuit said...

hahahaha... I can see it now one of those poster of a half chewed fridge with the red line going through it...

The new international symbol for "Fridges are not for general consumption"

And I think you're right, it's too late for coding, go to sleep danny boy.