Friday, August 11, 2006

Air accidents

Saw this on one of my favourite comic sites this morning (Bunny).

bunny comic

It says:

Air Accident (The Entire World - pop.est 6,630,000,000)

2001 1,752 Fatalities (including 9/11/01 passengers)

Accidental Falls (The UK Alone - pop.est 60,441,000)

2000 4,281 Fatalities

Just a kindly statistical reminder -

You are more likely to die falling out of your bed in the morning than in a terrorist attack... someone please tell Mr Bush to stop freaking out.

Have a cup of tea, that seems to work out quite well

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Taggs said...

Seriously Biscuit! Don't post about air accidents when 3/5ths of my/Redgum's IP is in the air!
Particularly when that 3/5ths includes My Spunky Rock Star .... My Golden Boy and My Favourite Director/Massuer.