Sunday, September 10, 2006

in Peru

Well we're now in Peru and having a blast of a time, we've recovered from Jet Lag (well, mostly...) and have done some wandering around Lima... It's a nice enough city, but I can understand why so many people recommend not sticking around in Lima for to long... There really isn't that much to see, but some impressions I've had so far:

  • Lima is more affluent than Mexico City (on a whole)
  • Everything is really cheap here (a 6 pack of beer costs S/.12.55 which works out to be about 2.50 pounds)
  • Keyboards over here are taking me a little while to get used to, similar to some Dutch keyboards but with some extra variations...
  • Inka Kola, which is kind of like Creamy Soda has tartarzine (sp?) which is a chemical that was banned in the UK about a decade ago... Still quite tasty though (if you don't mind the fluro yellow glo)

Off to Nasca on the morrow (damn exciting to do so!!)...


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