Saturday, March 10, 2007

{proof} & hello

Random hello and what is this blog really for?

Just a quick email to say hello to whoever is still actually reading this random blog... It's been a while since I have properly updated it, and I kind of need to figure out what I'm going to do with it...

Because myself and Cath now have a seperate blog which has all the travel stories and the where are we at in our lives bits (well more on the travel side at the moment), I don't really see much point in putting that kind of stuff down here.. Though I don't really want to throw this blog away, it's been fun to write stuff down and share it with friends & family...

Besides I like have a place where I can just rant about something, it can be as inane as how the kebabs in the UK are nothing like the kebabs in Australia, or check out this cool site.. Which gets me onto what I'm thinking about writing (dunno if I'll do this regular or not though), which is just a short movie review ('cause I like movies)


It's a great movie, go see it!

Do you think that's a short enough review? ;-) All joking aside, if you at liked A beautiful mind you will love this one, to give you a quick summary of the plot, it's basically about the relationship between a very talented mathematician (who has a psychological illness) and his daughter, though the films opens after his death. It is not too heavy though with many funny and light-hearted moments..

See if with a couple of friends (or your partner) with a bottle of wine. You don't need to be a maths geek to love it (but it might help)

Oh and small warning, though this movie shares the same title, it is not the same script as the Australian movie (also a movie adaption of a play) called Proof


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