Monday, September 27, 2004

Vancouver Island Part 2 (Tofino)

Tofino is a small little .. ah .. village about half way up the west coast of Vancouver Island, beautiful little place, with a population of around about 1,000. That is until summer when with the tourists bombarding the town it increases to a population of about 3,000.

Luckily I got to Tofino towards the tail end of the tourist season, and so it wasn't quite as busy as before, though the locals were well and truly over all these tourists coming in. Though it was a really nice place to chill at, kind of place where quite a few people I met had arrived for a short holiday and ended up staying all summer.

Like this guy who had rocked up to Tofino for a weekend back in March and ended up living in this shed (with no electricity or running water).

So there I was finding I liked the fact that the hostel was by the sea (as in about 10 meters) and just feeling like chilling out when I found out there was a group of 3 canadians in my room who bring it upon themselves to adopt me for our shared time in Tofino.

Which included seeing:

Half moon cove: a fantastic little cove south of Tofino where I got to see a bald eagle fly down and pluck a fish out of the water directly in front of me.

Whale watching tour: where I didn't actually see any whales, but had a blast of a time!

The whale watching boat: Lots of fun!

and finally here for everyone's entertainment is me in the life vest/thermal suit that we wore on that whale watching boat! I think I kind of look like the marshmallow man from Ghost Busters!

So that was Tofino, it was a nice relaxing time, met some interesting people got a wee bit wet while speeding through the fog banks, but enjoyed myself nonetheless. After that it was back to Vancouver in preparation for heading to 'ol blighty the land of the perpetual cloud, Britain. And I was looking forward to it, I'd enjoyed Canada, and I have to say my favourite place of all was Nefoundland. One day I might be back, problem is there are so many places out there to see!

Till next posting

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