Wednesday, November 24, 2004

One of the coolest comics of all time

Ok for those that know me from back in Aus, you'll probably recall that I read a lot of comics (well not really that much in recent years), but anyways a good friend Dan put me onto this cool comic:

Questionable Content which is absolutely hilarious!

For example one of the earlier strips featuring the underwear ninja that is one seriously funny concept, love it!

Oh and for anyone who likes comics check out:

oh and if you use rss feeds, checkout: Tapestry it has a whole heap of webcomics in rss form (as most of them don't seem to provide rss feeds) Thanks to Fish for sending that link through to me.

Keep having fun!

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Anonymous said...

AB, i had a great time reviewing your photos to date...and stumbled upon one which i have to ask about... in Newfoundland...were you hypnotised by Bill@Hostel on the Hill (Young Street)?

I spent a week there in early Nov. Had a blast. Take Care, and keep the updates coming.