Saturday, November 06, 2004

There is some hope in the world (maybe)

Just read this article on The Age that makes me wonder if maybe there is hope for us as a human race..

Americans sick of being Bushwacked

For those that can't read the article (now that the age has introduced subscription), basically as soon as it was announced that Bush had won the latest election, thousands more people checked out becoming citizens of other countries..

From the article:
Before this week, there was a daily average of 20,000 hits to the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Last Wednesday, according to the department, those online visits soared to 115,000, just from the US.

To me this means that are that many (at the least) people interested in living in a better world where war (and the people who seem to want to pursue it) do not exist, or at the least are opposed.. Hopefully there are more people who stayed in the US that actually want to do something about changing it in that country (not just moving to somewhere it ain't supported)..

Well that's my 2 cents anyways...

Oh yeah, I will get back to what I've been up to on my travels real soon


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Anonymous said...

I read in Newspaper here in Germany at the same time, that there is some trouble in the public of the USA because many people who where born as children of Canadians in the USA lost there Canadian citizenship because they got the USA citizenship at their birth there and Canada doesn`t allow to have the two of them. Many people doens`t even know, they have no Canadian citizenship. The newspaper article said there is a huge number of people who learned to know that only about US media and now are very angry.
So perhaps all these people don`t want to emmigrate because of Bush but learned that their "home country" isn`t their legal homecountry anymore.

oh, I hope I expressed my thoughts properly. :o)