Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Updated some Photos/Movies

On the website: OneRoundPebble.com

I've changed some of the photo folder names so that they're now in the order that I actually visited the places (I may change them again in the near future as I look into how I've organised them), as a consequence some of the photo's that I've linked to on this blog, may not actually work..

So until I get around to fixing them, bad luck :-P (not really, but just so you know it is on my list, right after learning Portuguese)

Now some people have had difficulty viewing my photo's so I thought I'd try and put down a couple of easy steps on how to view them (the image to the left shows my expanded photo's):

  1. Go to OneRoundPebble.com (wait for list on the left to finish opening)
  2. Click on the Biscuit link (this will expand everything under Biscuit)
  3. Click on the little Next to Photos (this will expand the list of photos)
  4. Click on any of the locations you'd like to see photos of (and then wait for them to appear on the right)

And that my friends is how you view my photo's, for some spectacular scenery I recommend the Rockies for me making a fool of myself check out New Orleans or Newfoundland :-)

Oh and I've now uploaded some movies as well (though I haven't yet linked to them on OneRoundPebble.com to grab them they are:
  • The Chase a 9MB file showing Matt up to some antics in Scotland.. Very amusing.
  • Vancouver fireworks with music Footage of some of the spectacular fireworks from Vancouver, with a bit of a sound track I added (couldn't remember what the actual soundtrack was..


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