Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm number 1!!!

Just for a bit of a laugh, I put into Yahoo! The term 'London Biscuit' and found out that my blog is in the top 2 entries!! :-D
See: Yahoo! Search Results for London Biscuit (Note: Search results may vary depending on when you run it)

Whereas Google didn't even return me at all... (I got to about the 12th page before I said stuff-it) :-(

/start techie discussion
One of the problems with the google search engine is that it's based on what links to your site not what you've got on your site... So as a consequence because there's only a couple of sites linked to this here blog I don't get that high a rating on google, yahoo on the other hand finds me right up there...
/end techie bit

Anyways, I thought it was cool! :-D So thanks to everyone who occasionally visits and reads about whatever it is travelling through my mind at this point in time.. :-)

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this says as much about me as it does you, but if you put 'London Biscuit geek' into Yahoo your blog is also the top 2 entries! Even Google returns this on the 1st page - although don't ask me to explain how because I'm not a geek...That said really must get out more, anyone would think I was avoiding study! C

Anonymous said...

hey there: i dont really care that either google or yahoo think you are good enough to put first.....i always put you first. just remember I love you!!!
from "mollygirl"