Friday, May 27, 2005

Liverpool wins!

Well it's been a few days, but I figure that most of the people who read this blog aren't big Soccer followers so you may not of heard what has been front page news over here for the last few days.

Liverpool has won the UEFA Champions League!!!

The lowdown
Myself and Cath made for one of the big Liverpool fanatical hangouts in London Extra Time where we watched what was one of the most amazing games, where Liverpool went from being down 0-3 (at half time), and within a 6 minute period (9 minutes into the 2nd half) scored 3 goals to bring it even.... You don't ever see that in a soccer game, let alone the European championship final!

Then to top that by winning in a penalty shoot out (after about half an hour of extra time)!

Some cool fans who happened to be standing in front of us

Intense looks as the penalty shoot out is on...

Jubilation as Liverpool WINS!!


For the Aussies (and whoever doesn't follow this soccer shinagins)
Champions League is the top most European cup where only the top teams out of all of Europe get to compete (so we're talking a fairly big deal here), one of the interesting things about this particular game is that Liverpool will not be playing next season..

Why I hear you ask...
Well as far as I can make out, UEFA being the governing body of 'football' has a rule that only the top 4 teams from the countries local league get to compete in the Champions league, and well... Liverpool only ranked No. 5.. There is no clause that allows for the reining champions to be in the competition...

No doubt if I got any of these details wrong I'll be corrected, and if you spot anything just post it in a comment :-P

So till next time...

and yes I am calling it soccer just to wind up these Europeans... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well, my work is nearly done...just a few minor corrections:

It is called FOOTBALL!!!

Coming back from 3 down isn't unheard of, but certainly never seen a game like it and unlikely to ever again. Also not strictly true on the top 4 teams getting through. Depends on the league in a particular country, in England's case it is 4 teams but some countries may only have 1. It's looking more likely that it was that we may be able to get into the CL next season, UEFA set to make a decison very soon. Fingers crossed!

And finally another interesting fact for you...estimated that at least 750,000 fans lined the streets of the great city for the victory parade yesterday. Particularly remarkable as the city only has a population of around 450,000 and allegedly half of them support Everton!


Matt said...

Oi! What about me? I was there too! (admittedly, i turned up half way through, but i was there for the good half :))

eva said...

i see you've finally trimmed the beard ;) makes you very nearly unrecognisable, it does. but wait, was that maybe the whole point?! are you hiding from them again?