Saturday, December 10, 2005

Random links #something or other

Was doing some trolling, and came across a friends blog (who I hadn't realised had started blogging, shame, shame, shame! [not sure if that's for me for not realising or for her for not telling me]), anyways welcome Taggs to the blogging world!

But moving on, following random links, came across Miss Otis Regrets, loving the writing style there!! And I wish her luck in her admirable goal of:

the pursuit of the perfect top five. The perfect list (in order of virility and aesthetics) of male specimens.

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Taggs said...

Thanks Biscuit :)

BTW, Miss Otis is the sister of some "Old" guy we know.


Biscuit said...

Thought so! Keep up the cool posts, and catch you very soon!