Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Training Day

What were you doing?
On Sunday Cath and I (and a few others) went for a nice 'walk' around Epsom Downs (a fairly famous race course, but also a great spot for going for a ramble), and 3 hours later I realised several things:
  • I'm not as unfit as I thought :-D
  • But I'm no-way near as fit as I need to be :-(
  • Especially for a 10 day hike in the Andes mountains near Machu Picchu

What's this about Machu Picchu?
Well as some of you are aware I'm getting married later this year, and instead of going for the traditional honeymoon at a nice beach resort we've signed ourselves up for trekking through Peru for Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Come again?
Yep that's right we're aiming to raise over £4000 for CRY by putting ourselves through the gruelling endeavour of hiking through the Andes mountains in a Ten Day trek to Machu Picchu.

So how much actually goes to CRY?
Almost every cent/penny/lira/yen that you donate will end up in CRY's hands (and if you're donating from in the UK, 28% extra!), as we are paying the entire cost of flights, tour, food, accommodation ourselves. The only exception to that is Skyline (who are professional fundraising company) have a small administration charge that we will not be covering.

So how can I help?
Well the first obvious choice is go to our fundraising page and sponsor us! But there are other ways that you can help out as well.
  • Email us get a sponsorship form to help us get some more sponsors.
  • Spread the word, email around your work and friends about this fundraising effort and help us beat that £4000 goal! Point them to this post or straight to our fundraising page.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for helping out!


Anonymous said...

Andrew, are you still beard free? If so, can you update your photo on your blogg so we have the new you when we read your entries?

Biscuit said...

Yep still beard free, and I'll see if I can find a decent photo... May take some time though