Thursday, January 26, 2006

Aussie weather

Hi from Aus to all those left back in foggy London, it's been a few days now and we've got to enjoy the beautiful Aussie sunshine and my favourite part of Melbourne summer.. the cool change! :-) Was very amusing watching Cath experience for the first time when the wind starts blowing in and the temperature drops 10 degrees in as many minutes. She's heard me talk about it but never really fully grasped it. :-)

Oh should also say a bit about what we've done thus far, it's been mostly in Melbourne, we've been to the Australian Open (that's tennis for us unclued people), Squires Loft (fantastic steak!) and out to Healesville Sanctuary (where Cath finally got to see a Rock Wallaby and some Flying Foxes)... Will have to post up some photos quite soon, but that requires effort which is sorely lacking at the moment!

So hope everyone had a fantastic Australia Day, hope the beer was cold and the meat was cooked over a bbq!


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Helen said...

Hi Guys,

I am so jealous! Glad Cath has got to see some of the animals. Hope you have said 'ah yeah' at least 10 times!

See you soon

H x