Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Birte's birthday

It's been a good weekend over here in sunny (but cold) England, and today was the lovely Birte's birthday... She wanted to go and see an Elvis impersonator on Saturday night, which was a surprising amount of fun (aside from him not being that good a singer, and not really looking that much like elvis [what with him being black and not as good hair]).

There was a really nice stroke to my ego that night though, as I was standing there (with Celine, Maya & Claire) I got a tap on my arm from behind me, turning around there was a girl sitting down pointing towards the other side of the table. On which there was another girl with a camera, I had time to hear
"She thinks you're cute and wants a photo"

before being blinded by the flash, I hope I didn't look too much like a stunned mullet.

I said my thanks and that "I hope my fiancee agrees with you" (to cover all bases), and turned back to my friends. :-D

It's nice getting compliments, it's nice to give them too. The person receiving them may not respond in the way you hope, but they're unlikely to respond in the way you fear.

And that's enough good feeling/rambling from me.

Happy birthday Birte!

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