Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weird night

Just got home from a nice night out in London, at a place called The Spitz (which is near where I work and also on the edge of Spitalfields Markets [hence the name])..

Anyways, the Spitz is a bit of an alternative music venue and myself & Ryan (housemate) were out having a good time listening to some funky blues, when right at the tail end of the night this girl comes up to me and says

"I'm British born and bred.. and you disgust me."

Like the title says, weird night... I have no idea what her problem was, did she think I was foreign and was making some kind of racist comment? Did she think I was British and because I was at the club with a guy, that I was gay? Did she think I looked at her weirdly and so wanted to get back at me?

Intellectually I know it's not my problem and it's her issue... But I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me, though the thing that annoys me the most about it is that I was having a really nice night, tapping my feet along to the music, chatted to some random strangers about Belgium beer. And now my night's had a dampner put on it because of some random nutter, which is going to colour my memory of the venue and the music...


Oh well, I'm going to read/do something so that I can fall asleep thinking about something else entirely. Night people.



Cath said...

I suspect you've almost forgotten about this by now - quite amusing that you decided to blog about it at silly o'clock in the morning after copious amounts of Belgian beer! Anyway, I think her problem is called drugs - she's probably no recollection of saying it either.

Count yourself lucky... At least you didn't have a random girl wander up to you in a late night taxi queue in Cardiff, shout at you for giving her "facey looks" (whatever that means) and then try to headbut you. Best bit was that she wandered off then came back and apologised, then promptly headbutted my friend giving her 2 black eyes! In fact maybe the same girl has moved to London?!!

Biscuit said...

That could be the girl...

In fact did she look like she was from the Pacific Islands?

with a bit of a twitch?