Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bombs in chips

From The Age:

"Workers at a British factory making chips were evacuated twice last week after bomb parts turned up in potatoes imported from France and Belgium, site of battles in World Wars I and II. The Scarborough plant was emptied on Friday after a worker spotted a shell tip among potatoes as they were being cleaned for slicing."

In many ways funny, in others it's amazing... Just think what would of happened it that shell tip hadn't been spotted, and it had of gone into the slicer. Would it of produced a nice bang?


Bill said...

You see, this is what happens when you import food from overseas instead of buying British. If those had been British spuds, the worst they would have come across might have been a Roman coin or two, or the buried remains of some illegal Siberian immigrants - none of these foreign explosives that belong on Belgian dinner plates.

I blame Tony Blair / the Tories / Reality TV.

matt said...

hmmm... chips everywhere!

I'm guessing that they'd be uncooked though - not so good.