Thursday, May 18, 2006

What will the think of next

I was in Boots today (a UK pharmacy), and I happened to notice this interesting little product

Magicool Hotweather Cooler

Thinking that sounded like it would be useful when heading to warmer climates, as it:

Instantly cools and refreshes your body and face on hot days and muggy nights.
CFC free, non-toxic and does not discolour fabrics.

I thought I'd look up what the magic ingredients were. I expected a list of incomprehensible numbers or maybe a patented chemical disclaimer, imagine my surprise when I found aqua; yes that's right, the secret (and only) ingredient is non other than water.

All for the bargain price of £4.99



johntaft7597580664 said...
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Achtur said...

Amazing! What's gonna be next? Good post.

Anonymous said...

I tried this

whenever i got hot under nthe collar

excellent - bought from