Thursday, February 24, 2005

London music

Who we went to see
Matt is a bit of a fan of a melbourne band paperadio, who have recently (as in about a year ago) relocated to London.

And wo and behold they were holding a cd launch (tonight in fact), at a little venue in London. So off we went to check out an Aussie band (in my case I'd never heard their stuff), and also a chance to see who else was playing.

The Sways
Were a very, very cool band! Loved their gig, so I bought a cd! Now I'm not going to attempt to describe their style, other than it's foot-tapping excellent stuff... In fact cddb (if you're a geek you'll recognise that), have them in as a genre of 'Unclassifiable'! If you get a chance have a listen to some of their stuff...

Only disappointment is that the cd is much softer than the live gig (also helped by a new drummer in the band, as in they didn't have a drummer previously).

Oh yeah, and Paperadio were excellent too! :-)

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