Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm OK

Just want to do a really quick post and let everyone know that I am alive and ok.

What I know thus far (and I haven't checked the news sites yet):
- there's been 2-3 bus explosions in Central London
- there's been 2-4 bombs found (some may of exploded) on trains/tubes/stations
- At least one of those has been at Liverpool St Station (which I walk through to work every morning)
- All embassies have been closed in London
- The army has been called into Central London
- No public transport into London, the word is: go home!

I know thus far that:
- Cath is OK
- Matt is OK

- Andrea (she works in Green Park, so I have concerns about her safety)
- Mark
- Maz

The mobile networks are pretty much flooded so not getting any signal out, and have been having difficulty calling internationally....

More when I know...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

glad to hear it, not that you ever texted ME back - i had to lie awake in some godforsaken hostel in the middle of nowhere, nz, listening to the telly in the adjoining room waiting to hear from everyone, anyone at all until there was a text from - 'lil matt... ;)

but seriously, glad to hear you're all ok.