Saturday, July 16, 2005

Interesting stuff & some other stuff

Interesting stuff... for geeks
I've been using an RSS aggregator by the name of NewsGator which aside from having the funky aspect of keeping track of my feeds (and keeping track of that across multiple pcs), also has a neat little 'save' option for all the posts.

Now the reason I'm talking about this is that NewsGator allows me to publish the rss feed of what I have saved, so if you're curious about what kind of funky things I read and like, check out my Clippings Collection, I don't save much, but anything that I find especially funny or interesting does get saved to it...

Old news
Quite a while ago now I started to write about my experiences of London getting bombed, what I personally felt on that day and what I saw from those around me... There were a lot of other people more affected by me, but I guess I'd wanted to get down on paper (well on the pc anyway) what I'd felt...

I'm not going to post any of that up now it's no longer relevant or appropriate, I just want to share that one of the reasons I was so shook up (as was matt) is that I usually walk from Moorgate station and through Liverpool St Station to work. And while I would of been fine 'cause I don't catch any of the particular trains attacked, I would of been in the thick of it if there hadn't of been a broken down train on the Northern Line... Literally I would of been walking through Liverpool St Station at just before 9am. Not nice to think about, not nice at all...

Sorry about getting all depressive there, just something I needed to get off my chest, even now I (and just about everyone else in London) am jumpy when I go into the tube or pass through a crowded/popular concourse.. I'm just glad that the people responsible are being chased and being caught.


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