Thursday, July 07, 2005

Small update

Matt has heard from Andrea, she's ok as is Mark.

Looks like it was just contained to a couple of key public transport hubs, it's also the G8 today so:
- no real surprise that it's happened today
- announcements that it's not going to affect the G8 summit

I think it will affect the G8 summit, but not to the benefit of whoever has set these bombs off, if anything there's likely to be more support and actions that are aimed against these terrorists....

At this stage there hasn't been any real word on who is responsible... wait... just in there is an announcement that there has been a message received from a group claiming to the European arm of Al Qaeda and claiming that they've now enacted revenge against the UK for what has been done in Iraq. If I find a link I'll post it.

Latest facts:
- all public transport now closed in London (not sure if that's only central)
- 6 explosions have occurred (2 near where I work!)
- everyone is keeping very calm, just walking to wherever they need to get to
- still having troubles on making calls internationally and on mobiles (but apparently that's clearing up)

Lots of love to everyone, having trouble accessing my emails ('cause the server is down), but when it's up I'll respond to any emails


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