Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grumpy today

Woke up feeling grumpy today, and the day just seems to be getting me more agrivated. This morning had one of the semi-clients approach me with some work that needed some maintenance (code that I'd never touched before), as the main dev was away.

Basically turned out that two sections of code should of been the same, but they weren't. So I'm asking which section is right, and just getting 'I don't know', 'the client needs it now', and generally just arguing with me on which part of the code the problem is introduced from.

In the end I just said stuff it, he wants me to make section b total up from the rows in section a. Copy & Paste, his problem now. No idea why they were different, for all I know section b was the correct one, officially not my problem.

Like I said, grumpy today.

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