Monday, April 16, 2007

I got to play Jesus :-)

Went to see a couple of comedy shows (as it's the Melbourne Comedy Festival at the moment), and one of them was a very a odd guy, Evan Jones - Extravaganza Pandemonium and Comic Spectacular, where I got to appear in the show (teaches me for sitting in the front row directly in front of a spot light) as Jesus :-)

On a completely different note, we've been back from Brisbane for about a week now, still haven't uploaded any of the photos but will do that soon.

Now to figure out what we're going to see next, see so far:


Winnifred (Fred) said...

I haven't seen Evan Jones yet. I saw Justin Hamilton. That's one worth seeing if you haven't seen it yet.

I haven't seen Comedian Sandwich Delicious yet either, but my friend saw it the other day and seemed to enjoy it. Who are the 2 good comedians?

Biscuit said...

The two I liked were:
- Mat Kenneally (thought he was best)
- Rob Hunter (quirky, but good)

The other one (Bec Hill) just wasn't quite as good..

Winnifred (Fred) said...


Still haven't seen Comedian Sandwich Delicious yet. Saw Josh Earl. I'd suggest that if you like quirky, musical humour.

My friend's favourite was Bec Hill. He's a big fan of Sam Simmons and UK act Josie Long and says she was a bit similar. I guess it depends what humour you're into. I prefer the darker stuff, so my friend told me I'd like Mat. Think I might see it this Tuesday.

Seen any others?