Sunday, June 13, 2004


Went up to Ballarat today to catch up with my brother (though not by blood) Mark, and got to meet a good friend of his, Tanya.

Me, Mark & Tanya (in Ballarat)

While up there, we went out playing pool, and after a few drinks we started quoting Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Douglas Adams and lots of other great UK comedy.. :-) With for me the quote of the night going to Rob for:

"It's funny... because I'm drunk!"


Anonymous said...

You better have the best time ever because I am going to miss you like crazy. I already do. Careful of the super size. MG

Anonymous said...

This site is hopeless! Biscuit has been gone for 48 hours and still hasn't updated it. SOMETHING must have happened in that time. Free drinks on the plane, a bad night's sleep in a youth hostel, maybe being car jacked in a bad area of LA... Hash browns for breakfast. Or at least one American who has gone with 'your accent is so cute'?