Friday, June 25, 2004

Washington, DC

Well this one's going to be a short post as we've really only been here a day (and I didn't think I had much time after my post about N'Awlins, and I just got a warning too!)

Well, we caught up with Graeme, Trevor & Old Matt for a few brewski's.. At (and this'll come as no surprise to those who know Old) an Irish pub, followed by some really bad American food at Hooters (a not so fine establishment), actually I think the talent was better at the Hooters in New Orleans (where Annemarie wanted to by a t-shirt for her brother).

The following day, we decided to start wandering around the various monuments and got to see:
  • Union Station (damn spectacular)
  • Federal Courthouse
  • Capitol (but haven't gone on a tour inside)
  • Smithsonian Air & Space museum (damn good!! Will try and get back there)

After that, my poor footsie's required a mite bit of a rest :-)

We're off to see the International Spy Museum (cool!) and then to grab some Haitian food :-)

Gotta go now! Bye!

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