Monday, June 21, 2004

New Orleans (N'Awlins)

Yes that is how it is referred to in some areas of this city (don't forget to pronounce it with a drawl!) ;-)

Well, I've just spent the last quater of an hour trying to upload my piccies to the blog, but quite smartly these people have locked off the pc so I can't load any new programs.. Good thinking, but dang annoying when I need another prog to upload.. (dang it!)

I have however now been able to transfer my pics to the iPod.. Yay! May have to wait a while until I'm able to upload the actual piccies, oh well you won't be able to see the lovely photo's of me in a tank top wandering around New Orleans (or even holding a baby 'gator!) :-P I don't think too many of you mind that too much..

Well anyways what have I been up to I hear you ask?

Leaving LA
Now this is where I have some pics that would of said a thousand words and since my time is limited, you'll just have to settle for a few dozen, we headed off from LA at some insane hour of the morning to catch a flight with Frontier Airlines, actually a reasonable airline, kind of like Virgin Blue except with some free stuff on the plane (I just stuck to water though).. We had a nice short stay in Denver where I got to pose under a 'Tornado Shelter' sign, then it was another 2 and a bit hour flight to New Orleans...

The Big Easy
Yes that is the nickname of this city, amongst a few others... (Since so many here want to be world's most/best/first etc.. I think they're going for the City with the most Nicknames) Anyways, aside from nearly dying of the heat on those first couple of days, we went on a Cemetery and Voodoo Tour, actually pretty interesting all sorts of things came out like:

  • Because of the high water table they need to bury people above ground here.
  • Originally they tried to bury the bodies in the levy banks (cause of them being above water), but when the river flooded (as it does every year), well I'll leave the rest of it up to your imagination....
  • In the battle of New Orleans, the British reported 2,000 casualties, while the Americans reported somewhere between 6 & 13 (2 different guides).

Anyways I've got to sign off now (just been told), so I'll try and fill in some more about New Orleans and the Swamps in a day or 2 (maybe when I get to Washington). Including how according to Annemarie we're using those croc attacks as immigration control ;-)

Take care everyone!



Anonymous said...

So the yanks' rich tradition of blowing up English with 'Friendly Fire' is just a continuation of the battle of New Orleans. Good for them. If you playing a game that is good fun why stop.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they do seem to have a fine tradition of that don't they? But hey the British had plenty of practice throughout their history as well... :-)