Sunday, June 27, 2004

Washington cont'd

Haven't got much time so I'll make this an ultra quick post and try and summarise what I've seen...

Spy Museum
Was excellent! ;-) Go do it!!! Coolest bit was learning about all sorts of different spies... Including Turing who worked on breaking the Enigma machine and was a complete 'nutter (used to wear a gas mask to prevent hay fever)!

Yesterday walked all round the various monuments here including:

  • Washington Monument (the phallic symbol)
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • US Capitol (kind of boring actually)

And after nearly 10k's of walking that's enough for my poor feet (and my ankle is still recovering damn it!!)

Anyways, all is good, hope you're all well and I'll try and expand on this soon!


PS: Saw 'Super Size Me' fantastic, go see it!! Though I did feel like a cheeseburger after it! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

With you on Supersize me...eating anything after was a major problem.