Sunday, June 20, 2004

Late post LA & New Orleans

Well, it's been a few days and I'm now over the Jet Lag (I think)... I'm in New Orleans at this pretty funky little cyber cafe, where all you have to do is buy something and you can get 30 minutes free net time... sweet!.

The flight
Ok, what's happended so far I hear you ask?
After being dropped off at the airport by my friends and family (I'll try and get some pics up in a bit), I border the plane, and got stuck at the tail end.. row 59 of 62 rows... But I had a nice window seat to look out and see the bank of clouds as they passed by.
United Airlines, sucks in terms of the movies by the way! So pretty much the whole flight (after a few complimentary rum & diet pepsi's (I actually asked for bourbon & coke, guess the hostess didn't understand my accent shrug), I sat back and listened to the iPod and read the book Sue kindly lent to me.. 'Holding the Zero - Gerald Seymour' not bad actually, kind of like that movie about the two snipers fighting it out in Stalingrad.. Someone please post the title, I can't remember it!

After landing in LA, I turned on my phone and found the funky (well I think it is!) aspect of it asking if I'd like the date/time to be updated... As well as a short message from Andrew Browning Maestro! who was not able to pick me up from the airport because of a meeting with a certain french director... The same director who did The Fifth Element one of my all time favourite movies, as well as The Professional another fantastic movie!
Turns out his daugher Emily Browning has caught the attention of this director who wants to fund a movie with her starring in it...

Anyways, enough of the movie gossip, LA was as I remembered it, nice weather and some funky people... Some a bit scary... lol! Especially one of my bunk mates (from Belgium) nicknamed 'Smiling assassin' or 'Robo cop' by Annemarie, due to his tendency to grin whenever he was winning at pool or cards, as well as him being in the international police and arresting some guy who tried to pick-pocket him.. He actually carries his handcuffs with him everywhere!!! (cool guy though)

Was only in LA for 2 days though (including the day I arrived), so didn't really get up to much, other than attempting to get over Jet Lag)

The rest
Anyways, I'm going to have to sign off in a second, so I'll have to fill in about New Orleans a bit later, hopefully I'll be able to post some of the piccies up that I've taken so far. Hope everyone is well, and I'll try and post up every few days what I've been up to, so check back regularly.



mum said...

glad to see you are enjoying yourself. keep in contact. I need to ask if you need anypapers to go to UK also the crate will take about 3mths

Anonymous said...

The movie you're thinking of is 'Enemy at the Gate'. Holding the Zero is a great book BTW. Have a copy myself.

Take care - Harv

Biscuit said...

Thanks for that Harv, you're right it is a good book. :-)