Friday, June 25, 2004

Continuation of N'Awlins

Well, where did I leave off?
I've told you a bit about the cemeteries, but not about the swamp tour or the ride on the steam boat..

Steam Boat ride
It was boring, don't go.
Actually it wasn't all that bad, the boat was nice, just that the only things we really got to see was the harbour, most of which seemed run-down... Apararently if you join up this harbour with the harbour up river (and maybe the next one after that), it becomes the largest sea port in the world... (I mean, seriously, how desperate is that?!)

The Swamp tour
This one is good if you get the chance go on it!
Let's see some interesting highlights:

  • Something like an acre of soil is lost every 60 days because of erosion.
  • To combat erosion if you want to develop land in that region the government will nominate 2 blocks (of the same size land) for you to fix up and protect from erosion (and you don't have a choice where they'll be).
  • It's legal to catch 'gators of over 4 feet, though the goverment issues only a set number of tags to appropriate people (and that's all you're allowed to catch)
  • Australian salt water crocs are the largest and most vicious varieties, with the attacks on tourists being part of Australia's immigration policy (from Annemarie)
  • Our tour guide was a bit of a nutter, he actually goes swimming with the 'gators (as long as they're smaller than him).

Anyways, we got to hold a baby 'gator (which was tiny) and lots of cool photo's of smallish one's (up to 5 foot) eating marshmallows (yes, that's how the guide was attracting them). All in all a pretty cool time.

Bourbon Street
Well it was our 2nd last night in New Orleans and the fligh was going to be at 6am, so what was needed?
That's right a visit to the famous, Bourbon Street.. Suffice it to say a ball was had by all and the hangover was worth it (though Annemarie may disagree with that one!) ;-)

Let's see, I started with a handgrenade (New Orleans strongest drink), then it was an unsteady walk to a restaurant for some lovely Jambalaya (nice spicy dish), followed by a Hurricane (2nd strongest drink!), another handgrenade, then too many shots!! :-) Met a whole bunch of interesting people (only half of which I remember), including a yank who said (as a compliment), that they think of Australians as "American's with European accents."

Next is Washington
Good to hear from a few people out there, hope everyone is having a grand time (wherever you are), and let me know how you're going! :-)


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