Thursday, July 01, 2004

Some extra info/odd facts

Considering some people have asked "What's with the crocodiles?" and there's some extra stuff I missed out on saying earlier here goes:

Santa Monica - Movie reference and nutters
Forgot to mention that Santa Monica pier is quite famous because it's where they filmed Lost Boys a fantastic movie!

As well as Annemarie seeming to attract a few religious nutters, one in particular who came to california because Jesus told her to go there and star in a religious movie (unfortunately she was too late for The Passion) ;-)

New Orleans - Crocodile explanation & Size of Meals
The croc story:
On the tour the guide was talking about the various animals in the crocodile family ('gators being one of them), and mentioned that the Salt Water crocs of Aus are the largest and most aggressive.
To which a fellow traveller commented that he'd been to Aus and there'd been an attack in the news.
The guid upon hearing this told us "Yeah, according to the Aussies I've met it's mainly been tourists who have been swimming where they're not supposed to be."
Annemarie quickly piped up with "Yeah, that's part of our immigration policy." Cracked up the guide and everyone on the boat! (but you may of just had to of been there)

I was going to wait until I could get a photo up, but to give people the size of the meals here, on our last night in New Orleans we went out for a nice 'lite' dinner, a soup and some salad.. And I could not finish it! It was MASSIVE!!! I mean seriously, a soup and salad beating me!

Washington - Coolest T-Shirt I didn't buy
Saw a t-shirt at the Spy Museum:

My Friend went to Iraq,
looking for weapons of
Mass Destruction.
And all he found was this
lousy T-Shirt!



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