Sunday, July 18, 2004


Well I'm now in Quebec City and it's Fantastic! let's see what to say?
Arriving into Quebec provence  so before montreal
I noticed that as soon as we crossed the border from Ontario (which is bilingual, particularly Ottawa), the signs switched so that French was now on top and English on the bottom, just an odd thing to notice, but there ya go...  And also just about every sign is in French, except for stop signs which seem to alternate each intersection "Arrete" "Stop" "Arrete" "Stop"...  ;-)
Unfortunately I can't remember the character number to but the little ' above the e in Quebec and Montreal, so my apologies to those who notice that...  ;-)  Leaving behind the wonderful Nat and Frank (who so graciously showed us around town and let us into their homes, Thankyou!), we caught the bus to Quebec City....
And I thought Montreal was beautiful, this place is great, love the who hilly area with the windy paved streets and not having any trouble with the locals (being arrogant), except for one guy who was trying to sign us up for a french book club...
Ok some sights:

  • Quebec is the only walled city in North America (though there may be some in Mexico?) looks really cool seeing them.
  • The Citadel (the largest fort in Nth America) was actually really interesting got to see the changing of the guard, just like watching the beef eaters in London (from what I remember), also quite interesting place, Meow & Polly have had a photo with one of the guards as well.  :-)
  • There a really nice Promenade (I think it's called the Terrace Dufferin) which follows the line of the cliff, so that you can have a great view of the river and city, nice at night!
  • Boutique de Noel, which was the biggest and loudest store (amongst 4 or so) for selling Xmas related paraphenalia, so bizarre I had to take a couple of photo's.
  • Little alleys all over the place, including one that seemed purely setup for people to sell their paintings and photo's...  Even to having their own little lockers (sized for paintings) on the walls of the alley.
  • Summer festival at the moment here, some very cool acts including a sort of jazz walking band, who amongst other things played "Killing in the Name of" & "Seven Nation Army" :-)
  • Aux Anciene Canadians (I may of slightly stuffed the spelling) is a fantastic restaurant where we got to try some traditional food, including a maple syrup pie... Not quite as good as a beaver tail, but definitely up there! :-)

Ok, I think that's it so far that I've seen... It's kind of hard to keep track of everything since I last posted, keep remember (and then forgetting) various things I wanted to post up after the fact.

But on the morrow I'm looking forward to seeing the Musee de Civilizations which is aparently one of the best in Canada, and currently has a special exhibit on Asterix and Obelix cool! :-)

Brief interlude in Ottawa
One thing I just remembered, I ordered a Hoegaarden in this little pub off Rue Elgin, in Ottawa (called "Woody's"), and it was massive could hardly believe it, I litterally could only fit my hand half-way round the glass... So there ya go, got a photo of that with Meow and Polly to give a bit of perspective, which most likely when I get to the UK I'll be able to post up.

Take care of yourselves

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