Friday, July 16, 2004

Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal

Well made it up to Toronto and it was quite impressive, nice place and fun to see.  We caught up with friends of Annemarie's, being Nat (who Annemarie travelled around with on Contiki) and her boyfriend Frank (golf fanatic from Newfoundland).
They were kind enough to give us accomodation in Toronto and drive us around to a few places, including just '4 blocks' from the beach, which turned into a nice 2hr walk (actually I did enjoy it) through the theatre district, getting to see where the Toronto film studios are..  :-)
And for those who know of Toronto's big attraction, yes I went up the CN Tower (the world's tallest freestanding structure), was really cool with the glass walls on the lifts and the glass floors on the viewing deck..  :-D  Even got to watch a bit of a baseball game going on below us.
Ottawa & Kingston
So on the way to Ottawa (where we got to spend a night with Nat's cousin Jason, who had just come back after a 7 mth surfing holiday in Aus), we quickly went by Kingston where Nat lived for a while, looked like a pretty funky uni/prison town (yep you read that right).
The capital was nice to see, though my own personal highlight was seeing the Stray Cats of the Hill a cool little area where these doll houses have been converted into houses for stray cats, it's right next to the parliament house, nice little quirk.  :-)
What can I say?

  • Best fireworks seen so far!  (not sure what it was in aid of though, something to do with an annual fireworks competition?)  Kicked 4th July in New York!
  • Bastille De Notre Dame cool looking architecture.
  • Poutine strange local dish, basically chips, gravy and cheese curd...
  • Beaver Tails aparently originated in Ottawa (but we ran out of time), absolutely delicious, kind of like a flat doughnut with your choice of toppings (for me, Nuttella and Banana)
  • Underground City really large underground shopping mall, basically used in winter to beat walking above ground (by the sound of it), 29kms of corridors, very massive.

I think that kind of sums it up, and to add that it is gorgeous, I quite like!  Looking forward to seeing France and comparing these 'french' influences...
Take care everyone,

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