Sunday, July 11, 2004

Boston (Red Sox and Freedom Trail)

Well it's been a few days since I last posted, and boy do I have a few things to talk about... :-D Though I'm going to put them in seperate posts simply so I can keep track of them.

Freedom Trail
In Boston there's this trail that you can walk (aparently it's just under 3 miles), that goes past a lot of the historic sites in Boston and with lots of plaques and various tours wandering along you can learn about the history of the place... We only got about 1/2 way along the trail but that half was actually quite interesting.

Right from the cemetery where they have the bodies from the Boston Masacre (regarded as the first deaths from the English soldiers during the revolution), showing the changes over time of the gravestones, they started with symbols depicting death (skulls, skeletons, etc..) and then over time gradually changed to symbols celebrating life (cherubs, flowers...).. Well, I found it interesting!

An odd fact is that upon the invention of lawn mowers that particular cemetery they re-arranged the grave stones so that it'd be easier to mow the lawns (without moving the bodies), so that bit of dirt most likely ain't the guy who's name is above it.

Red Sox Baseball
I got to see myself a real live game of baseball!! :-D cost $20- and was only in the standing section, but dang it was fun... Actually seeing the whole atmosphere of the place, right from the vendors doing the "Peanuts, get your peanuts here!" and throwing them to whoever held up their hand, through to the crowd singing along to Take me out to the ball game. :-D

For those who want to know, it was Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athletics. Red Sox won 11-3 (that's what you call a thrashing).


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