Saturday, July 24, 2004

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Well I'm actually on a ferry heading to Newfoundland at the moment (fantastic that they've got free net access on here!!  but only 3 pc's 2 of which are broken, so can't spend the whole night on here..)

Anyways, I was going to describe some of Halifax and what I've been up to since my last posting...

Canadian buses
Rock!!  :-)  They are fantastic compared to the US buses, plenty of room I can almost stretch my legs out, and a real comfortable ride!  :-)  That and nice bus drivers rather than the traditional (though not always) grumpy US ones...

Halifax drivers
Ok, this is going to be a little odd, but the most unique experience of being Halifax?  is the drivers...  I'll paint you a scenario..

There I am between 2 streets about to cross the road where there is no pedestrian crossing, basically the same as going to cross commercial road...  So I do the usual, I step up to the edge of the parked cars to wait for the traffic to clear, but wait a minute here, the cars on this reasonably busy road (and this is the biggest Canadian city east of Montreal, so bigger the Quebec City), stop to let me cross the road!

And that was not an isolated incident, like I said a little odd...  But fairly unique...  Not surprising though when you meet a few locals and find out how friendly and helpful they are though.

Halifax itself
Is a nice place, but you're going to have to wait a while, there's a bit of a queue appearing behind me so I'm going to have to jump off for a while... Hopefully later tonight when everyone's asleep I can jump on again (assuming I'm awake!)

Take care everyone, and a big thanks to Bill & Debbie (who I met in Sydney, NS)


Anonymous said...

Hey brat!!! You need to post about your newfoundland trip I am dying to hear all about it and that cute girl that you meet there!!! :-) Anyway I thought I would post here cuz you would see this before your actaul email!! later

p.s Impressive.... superhero like even!!!

Biscuit said...

Hey there Jen! How's toronto!

Now I didn't get your email, so you may of not been able to read it properly... I'm not going to post that addy on this blog though (I'll just end up getting a load of spam), but you can send an email to my spam catching account:

Have fun!