Friday, July 02, 2004

Liberty, Mummers Museum & Italian Market

Well on our last day in Philly (which I still reckon is a really nice place), we decided to wander around to see the Liberty Bell and it was actually quite interesting reading... (though it's a lot smaller than I thought it'd be)

Religious fervor
From reading the various comments it was actually quite interesting how reverent Americans get towards this bell, but I also think it's pretty cool that they have a symbol that inspires them about Liberty and Freedom.
Though I gotta agree with Annemarie who pointed out it was like 'The Carbon Rod' from that Simpsons episode... :-)

Mummers Museum
Was smaller than I thought it'd be and not really about the origins of Mummers (as in guys wearing masks performing plays), but more about the New Years parade of the Mummers that they have here in Philly. Aparently there's $95,500.00 prize money up for grabs! Interesting in an odd kind of way... But don't go out of your way for it.

Italian Market
So much hype, so little substance! I was expecting something on the scale of Queen Vic, especially as one of the pamphlets described it as "The biggest open air market in the country"... Maybe the r in country wasn't supposed to be there? Seriously I think the Box Hill Sunday markets are bigger... But still I bought myself a $4 pair of Nike thongs (aka: flip flops) :-)


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