Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Last night in Quebec

Well what to say?  The Quebecians (though I think they spell it differently and it's pronounced Kebec...) are a damn nice bunch, and I thouroughly enjoyed my time there...  (could of done with a few more days and a bit less rain actually...
Musee de Civilization
Was pretty darn cool, there was something about the way the different exhibitions were setup that made them really interesting..  Though the highlights were:

  • Asterix & the Romans a really fun way of presenting the history of the Romans, Gauls and various other tribes/civilizations talked about in the Asterix comics...  And Meow and Polly have now had a photo with Obelix carrying a Menhir.
  • Sand sounds kinda odd but they had this intriguing exhibit about sand, including a funky little video of clay animation...  :-)
  • First Nations basically the local aboriginies, though the main ones I looked at were to do with the Inuit (which have actually increased in population since Europeans have arrived), including the building of an Igloo..  Dang they're quick (but you'd want to be in that cold!)

Final night of the Summer Festival
Was very funky!  :-D  some really cool bands playing, I climbed up on the old city wall and had a great view of one of the main stages (though I wasn't alone with some very hippy Canadians).
And seeing the jazz marching band get going and actually have the crowd moshing in the street (to Killing in the name of!)  ;-)

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