Friday, July 30, 2004

Halifax (in part)

Ok, I'm actually now back in Halifax after having a fantastic trip up to Newfoundland (Fantastic meeting you, Jen, Marcus, Dane & Gavin!!).. But before I get to that, I need to get to what I missed out on Halifax (hopefully I can stretch my memory back that far)

Maritime Museum
I know it has the word museum in it, but this was surprisingly good! It's right near the waterfront, and I think it's Tuesday night you can get in for free... (yay!)

Had a very informative (and dare I say it, moving) presentation on the 1917 (not 100% sure on the date) of the Halifax explosion, basically an ammo vessel (bucket loads of powder) collidied with another ship, sparks.. fire... ship abandoned.. floats to the pier.. largest man-made explosion before the nuclear bomb.. 1900 people dead.. Most buildings destroyed. And to cap it off, there was a sudden blizzard the following day.
One of the first and biggest contributors to Rescue and assistance efforts was Boston, and to this day Halifax sends Boston the biggest and best christmas tree as a thankyou.

The other really interesting one (for ship-wreck buffs), is the titanic info as Halifax was one of the main places that launched rescue ships for the titanic and there's quite a few relics in the museum.

The Rest
To be honest, I can't really remember what else I got up to in Halifax, though I do remember having a great time, especially with 2 Canadians who drove straight through to Halifax from either Ottawa or Toronto (can't remember which!) something like 40hrs straight driving...

I think the not remembering might of had something to do with the amount of time I spent at the Split Crow pub... Which along with the usual excellent Irish pub atmosphere, had a great band by the name of The Hair of the Dog, was very cool hearing some excellent local songs about Nova Scotia!


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Anonymous said...

*LOL* If it took them 40 hours to get from Toronto to Halifax then they must have gotten seriously lost.;-) At the absolute most its a 25 hour max. 'cuz we've made it from TO over to PEI in 17hrs and Halifax is no more then 3 hours past that!!!