Saturday, July 31, 2004


No that's not Australia, I didn't suddenly get back home... Instead there is a small town on the northern tip of Cape Breton, with a population of about 26,000...

Saying goodbye to Annemarie
Well even though it was only going to be for about a week, I said g'bye to Annemarie who it has been absolutely fantastic travelling around with for the last month and a bit, to go explore Newfoundland while she tried to drum up some work for herself.

No hostels
Well Sydney doesn't actually have any hostels and so I decided to treat myself (and it was quite pricey) to a night in a B&B, where I met this great older couple Bill and Debbie (from Calgary) who treated me like there son (who's aparently the same age), took me out to dinner, took me to Fort Lousiburg and dropped me off at the ferry after making sure I'd had my first taste of Tim Hourtons (the chain, no institution of Donuts, coffee and sandwiches)

Fort Louisburg
Such a really cool place to go to... How to describe? Basically it's a replica of the original Fort (well 1/5th of the fort) with all the staff in period costumes and doing it in character somehow not being tacky... Very cool place to visit and see how the people of the time would of lived... Even down to the staff using the tools of the time do minor repairs to buildings!


Next is Newfoundland!


Anonymous said...

and still no details on NFLD!!!! I wanna no how come you got to see whales jumping and I didn't !!!!!!;-P

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Andrew....from AMP

Biscuit said...

Bye bye AMP! Have a blast in Canada, I hope you find that mountie!

As to the whale jumping that's about to come up next... ;-)