Sunday, July 04, 2004

New York (The BIG Apple)

So here I am in New York, and it's actually a damn cool place, I like! Went for a wander around Central Park on the first night before catching the Subway up to an 800 pc (yes you read that right) net cafe... $2.50 ph! Sch-weet! :-)

Been trying out the local delicacies like pizza (by the slice), bagels with cream cheese, Krispy Kreme donuts (donuts with extra sugar!), and about to go have a look around for a hot dog vendor... Now that's what I call immersing myself in the culture! Hopefully the amount of walking we've been doing has balanced out the amount of fat and sugar I've been consuming, but when in Rome... ;-)

Well so far we've seen:

  • Times Square Seems a lot bigger than I expected, but yet doesn't cover that much area...
  • Wall Street One word, claustrophobic it was tall, and cool to see but, seriously it's just alleys around here, not roads.
  • Statue of Liberty Nice, it was pretty cool to see, though nothing really interesting to say about that.
  • Ellis Island The island that most of the immigrants to the US went through, at one stage catering to 11,000 + people per day. Only 1-2% got rejected, usually because of illness (both mental and physical).
  • Empire State Long queues but the wait was worth the view, particularly as we had nice clear weather... Hopefully got some cool shots..
  • Central Park BIG! And actually like a forest in the middle of this urban jungle, I can totally understand why they say don't go walking there at night... Haven't found where the chess players hang out yet...

So that is my New York experience thus far, though it's been really cool traveling around with Annemarie, Frodo (Helen from NZ), and Michael (a cool Swiss guy who has nearly circumnavigated the globe in 6 months without flying!)

Take care of yourselves.


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